This is my personal blog all about different online courses and other stuff I've found while wandering around.

I've taken many, many courses around the web, both online and offline. A couple of my favorite places are and Proformative. Here are some of the courses I've taken lately and list of other free resources which are often fun and useful:

The grand daddy (or grandma) of online learning. Started as a series of printed books on mostly web tech, like html, and then expanded to just about anything you might want learn online.

- Foundations of Video Interviews

It was very interesting. The instructor was great and I really learned alot

- Twitter For Business

Lots of tips and tricks for getting the most out of Twitter when promoting a business. It covers Twitter Cards, Widgets, Images, Attracting Followers, Posting Strategy, and much more. I highly recommend this course.

One site worth checking out is Illumeo offers a a wide range online business and Corporate Finance Training in an Unlimited CPE format. You'll find courses in 
ERISA Compliance, Cash Pooling, Financial Close Best Practices, Excel Macros For Beginners, and Intro To Macros.  You'll also find Payroll Training, IPO Training,  Accounts Payable Training 

Courses that I haven't taken, but that I think sound interesting are:

...and so much more!

Free Resources

Code Academy

Learn to code for free. I took some html and sql classes there. The thing I love about code academy is that you do a series of live lessons, learning step-by-step as you go.


Moz, formerly SEOMOZ, is a freemium model. Many features are free, but then you can pay more for different levels of service.


Yes, youtube is a great place to waste time. However, it also has some great online learning and it's all for free of course.


Endless DIY technology with step-by-step PDF guides for constructing just about anything.

- 5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner

If you want to learn how to make an air conditioner

out of a fan, a bucket and some ice or a deer's head

made out of paper, suitable for hanging on a wall.

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